As many have heard the 2018 rally is going to be a big one. Both in the execution and planning.

So far Not much is known about the 2018 event so here are some place holders and what we know.

2018 Supps Road Closures Sponsor Packet
2018 Maps Flyers and posters Spectator Guide


The 2018 Idaho Rally International will be held

 September 15th - 16th.


 We are proud to announce we will be running in the Boise national forest with staging in Boise and TBD

 Early Entry Fees TBD

 National Cars

Regional Cars*

 UTV’s $400.00

 Recce is FREE

 Regular Entry Fees between TBD

 National Cars

Regional Cars*


 Recce is FREE

Late Entry Fees start TBD

 National Cars

Regional Cars*


 Recce is FREE

 Note:: only the rally car price includes notes.

 Be sure to read the sups for details on Travel credits!


 Hotel Accommodation:

 Best Western + Northwest Lodge

 6989 S Federal Way, Boise, ID 83716

 Phone: (208) 287-2300
 Be sure to let them know you are with the Idaho Rally International. Other wise they will tell you they are BOOKED!

Stage Captains
Harris Creek Stage: TBD
Grimes Pass Stage: TBD
Meadow Creek Stage: TBD
Columbus Stage: TBD
Grimes Creek Stage: TBD

 All information subject to change. The final sups will be the final word.